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Dariush heydari





I've been asked to write an article about a movie named "The Secret".

I've been studying English for 18 years. I've also been teaching it since 1995.

Different teachers have various styles of teaching. Mine has been based on watching movies, and because of that I've seen so many movies from which I've learned a lot. Not only have they helped me in improving my teaching skills but they've come in handy so many times for handling my problems in life.

I must admit: The effect of the movie "The Secret" on me has been incredible. No other movie has ever changed my life the way this movie did . I'd call it a life -altering experience.

So, as you can guess, watching this movie is highly recommended.


According to this movie we all live by one law which is "Law of attraction".

We attract things to ourselves by thinking about them whether they're positive or negative.

Very simply put, we must focus on the things we want the most by thinking about them and picturing them in our mind, Which is defined as

"The Visualization Process" in the movie

Most of us are wondering why bad things keep happening to us?

The answer is easy: we attract them to us by thinking about them most of the time.

The young generation of our society spends a lot of time on complaining about the things by which we are surrounded such as Lack of job opportunity, unsuccessful love story, financial crisis and so on.

The universe and the energy inside it doesn't care if you're a nice person or a terrible individual. It is always obedient of your thoughts, if they're positive, it'll give you more of that and if they're negative you'll get more of that in your life.

There are few sayings in this movie among which I Love this one the most:

 " The secret is the answer to all that has been, all that is, and all that will ever be"

"Ralph Waldo Emerson"


My friends:

My advice to you is to put the secret to the test.

Start with insignificant requests, if it worked - which I'm sure it will, if you follow the rules-then ask for bigger whishes.

I believe we all owe a huge appreciation and gratitude to "Ms. Rhonda Byrne" - the creator and the executive producer of the movie - for showing us the real way to the happiness.


Good Luck to you all.


Dariush heydari




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